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A First Music Together® Class

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Families gather together with love as the key,

Hoping our children feel wonder and glee,

In a circle of music, a tune fills the air,

Grownups start singing, our little ones stare

Embracing the journey, our movements unite

A melody mingles with sounds of delight

We offer new verses, try to follow the motions

Cherishing all the children, their antics and notions!

Little feet patter, we sway to the beat,

Hear cooing and squealing, little voices so sweet,

Toddlers are bouncing, we join them and move

Catch the magic of rhythm and find our own groove

Uniqueness embraced, yet our differences fade,

By the power of music a kinship is made

A moment of learning, a child’s gift of affection,

In our circle of families, a deepening connection

Soon lullabies are sung with a tender embrace,

A moment so precious to share in one space,

An understanding emerges - music is more than a tune,

It's a language of love, a way to commune

It's more like a language, but not just notes on a page

It builds our relationships, offers new ways to engage

And as we head home something within us has shifted

Our worries feel smaller, our spirits uplifted

The melodies linger, in our ears and our voice

We hum, sing and whistle, and silently rejoice

That by beautiful harmony or simply singing a song,

Music helps us all grow, and know we belong.

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