Outdoor Mixed Age Classes for Fall 2021

Each class includes singing, creative movement, rhythm play & instrumental jam session. We explore and experiment with rhythm sticks, egg shakers, resonator bells, gathering drums & more. Our classes nurture the imagination, spark curiosity and use all of the senses. 




Why Join? 

Because we can empower you in every way to create the kind of musical childhood that will enrich your child's life. We are focused on supporting your child's music development and also many other skills important for a good life ... one filled with fun, and deep, loving relationships.

We give parents tools and fun music activities to do regularly, make raising your children easier. Your home will be filled with songs, laughter, hopping, spinning, and wiggling. Our community of like-minded families is supportive, friendly and fun!

Each semester members receive a new Family Songbook, online access to a new music collection and education just for grownups, all to help you have fun family music time regularly and support your child's educational needs. 

Semester Schedule

September 13th, outside for 8 weeks; 1 zoom class and 1 on-demand video class

Class Schedule:

Wednesday 9:45 am (Teacher Jenny) in Pittstown (private residence)

Thursday 10:45 (Teacher Angela) in Branchburg (White Oak Park)

Thursday 11:45 BABIES 0-9 mon. (Teacher Angela) White Oak Park

Friday 9:45 (Teacher Angela) in Annandale (private residence)

Friday 10:45 (Teacher Angela) in Annandale (private residence)

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By enrolling in a Music Together class at a licensed Music Together center, you agree that any information you provide will be shared with Music Together Worldwide (MTW). For information about how MTW uses and stores your personal information, we encourage you to review the Music Together Privacy Policy https://www.musictogether.com/privacy-policy

Tuition: $200.00 for the whole family. No sibling fees this Fall!

Babies Only class: $175.00

As always, tuition includes a full set of beautiful materials including an illustrated songbook, parent guide, audio recordings and more. One mixed age Zoom Class and one mixed age pre-recorded on-demand classes will be included.


Email jengoings8@gmail.com to request your preferred class time. Checks may be sent to 14 Hunts Mill Rd, Clinton, NJ 08809 or pay via pay pal. The link is paypal.me/MusicJenny. 

Looking Ahead to Winter

We hope to resume class indoors;  masks may need to be required indoors as we will be singing.

Vaccinations for adults may need to be required.  We will be sure to ventilate appropriately .

If indoor classes are not possible we will offer classes on Zoom.

First child tuition: $200 in Fall, Winter and Spring
Siblings 9 mon - 4 yrs tuition:  $140 in Fall, Winter and Spring when indoors
Siblings age birth to 9 months: free 

Siblings 4.1 and older: free!

Registration fee for First Semester MT Families:  $15 

Tuition includes the weekly classes (10 classes which may be a combination of in person and online ) and the following class materials for each family, each semester: a newly designed illustrated songbook, CD and digital access to recordings through our app and website. Stream or download the music and build your Music Together music library of the 12 song collections. 

Families new to Music Together® and parents with new babies also receive special parent guide booklets.