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Our classes meet in beautiful Hunterdon County

Indoor locations

Whitehouse Station, NJ
The Rockaway Reformed Church
115 Main St, Whitehouse Sta, NJ
Come to the back door /parking lot

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Whitehouse Station, NJ
The Shoppes at the Farm
665 Rt 22 East, across from Ryland Inn
Front East Corner Room 



Outdoor locations


Clinton and Annandale, NJ

Branchburg, NJ

White Oak Park

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Music Together Family & Friends has brought the joy of music and movement to over 5000 Hunterdon County families for 25 years. Along with center directors and teachers in over 3000 Music Together locations in over 40 countries worldwide, we hope to inspire a whole new generation of music-makers singing in tune, moving in rhythm and participating in music with joy and confidence.

We’d love to hear from you!

Moms, Dads, Nannies and Grandparents!

Email Jenny 

Feel free to share any constructive criticism as well as the great stories of how your family is making music at home! Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm!

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