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New Music Together App!

Music Together® knows how important it is for families to make music together throughout the day- wherever you are - and has always provided the best home resources to make that happen. Growing up in an environment where parents and caregivers are singing and playing with music is how children learn to love music. And an early love of music means.... well, more music immersion and more opportunities for the brain to develop those all-important connections that form the basis of all learning!

Families need to be able to access their Music Together library of song collections in all different ways and places- whether that is a toddler controlling his own cd player (old school is cool!), downloading mp3s from the Music Together website (forever saved) or accessing their song collections and self-created playlists via a mobile device. By sharing their Music Together username and password with the babysitter, grandma, and other family members, everyone can access the account and play and sing along.

HOLD ON. Why is Music Together encouraging playing recorded music when children learn from interaction with grownups they love???

Listening to recorded music is just one piece of the puzzle. The recorded music is a support resource for families to learn, make music, and dance- LIVE! Participating in classes every week, listening to the recordings, singing at home, and doing the activities from class all work together to give the children that rich environment that supports their development.

So when your little one starts tapping their legs* or brings you their songbook, respond by singing "Hello Everybody" or the song they have picked out for you. And if you are feeling a dance party coming on, make a dance party playlist in your app of all the Music Together songs that get you moving! Even before you register for your first classes you can access 12 songs (Welcome collection) and the Hello Song storybook via the app as a guest, so if you don't have the app yet, download it now and check it out.

ENJOY! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! or for tech support

*the ubiquitous signal to caregivers to "SING TO ME!" that little ones naturally pick up by attending classes.

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