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group playing with stretchy band in class

 The Music Together® Program 

Since children learn by watching and listening, our approach is to immerse the children in a rich musical environment full of interesting sounds, movements, rhythms, meters, and tonalities. With different kinds of instruments to play, silly things to laugh at, and lots of different models to follow, children naturally learn how to make music. 


In Music Together® they get to respond in their own way and in their own time. There is no expectation to sit still, perform on cue or follow directions. The class environment we create is structured, but free. This creates the disposition to try new things and stimulates the learning cycle of play, discovery, practice and mastery.

parent and toddler playing with rhythm sticks

Our classes combine ages because the opportunity to observe many models of music expression is beneficial for both younger and older children. Babies rock, kick, stare wide-eyed and even respond by cooing on pitches related to the songs we are singing!


Toddlers discover, experiment, imitate, explore the space and proudly sing bits of pieces of songs. Older children exercise their creativity by suggesting lyrics, sounds, and movements. They learn empathy and gain awareness and appreciation of others. As they take on leadership roles and sing full songs, their self-confidence blossoms. Our classes spark curiosity, nurture the imagination.

child playing with egg shakers
parachute play in class
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