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Welcome to our January Mini Session 2022!

Before jumping in to the Music Together class below,  please watch this 1.5 minute orientation video to orient you to your role, and help your child get the most out of the experience.


Family Favorites 2 Class (on demand)



Our mini session includes this 30 minute prerecorded class to use on demand. The songs included are all from the Family Favorites 2 Album- which is a compilation of songs from all 9 collections. You may know some of them if you've been a member. If you haven't downloaded your songs yet, use the code I sent you to get them into your app and computer

Music Together was developed, over 30 years ago, and it was based on research which shows that children get their "disposition towards", or love of music, from the grownups they love. So jump in, play and sing!




The class below is a "demo" class for parents new to Music Together. The songs are from a different album- Family Favorites 1.  I am leaving this here in case you want to use it too.

Demo class featuring songs from Family Favorites 1

There is so much I would love for you to learn about your children and how to support their development but it would be disruptive to include during a class.


So please, if you can spare 13 minutes, watch this presentation I made for you!

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