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New Songbooks
New Songbooks

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New Experiences!

Baby Coos
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Music Together Classes are Outside!

Classes for kids and the grownups who love them, home materials, and inspiring content. Make music safely outside with the whole family! Sign up!


8 Outside Classes

1 Online Class, 1 On-Demand Video Class, Audio and Children's Songbook

 Included in Fall Membership


For families with children 0-5, with parent/caregiver

Research-based and artistically conceived and produced, the Music Together song collections contain original songs and music from around the world, played by outstanding, authentic instrumentalists.


Since 1987, the feedback of thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of families has been incorporated into our constantly evolving curriculum. Enjoy free songs via the app "HelloEverybody"

Families Love Our Music

Siblings Learn Together

Making music together brings families together like nothing else. Our mixed age class model (birth to 5 years) fosters natural, extended family-style learning. Children with special needs, grandparents, parents, caregivers, older siblings- the whole family is welcome, creating a beautiful musical community of friends and family! 



Kids Learn Through Play

Children participate at their own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, and exploring musical instruments. Infants benefit greatly from early exposure and by observing the older children. Three to five year olds, full of inventiveness, blossom as creative leaders in the mixed age classroom. 

Our mission is to two-fold: to bring parents and their children, and families in the community closer together through the power of music, and to support children early in life so they will be able to sing in tune, move in rhythm and participate in music with joy and confidence throughout their lives.

Our Mission

Music Together is a Music and Movement Program for Families with Children 0-5 and their favorite grown-ups... that's you! 

Rhythm Kids is an active drumming, music and movement program for 5-7 yr old music lovers


Indoor Weekly Classes held in Whitehouse Station, NJ will resume as soon as safely possible