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Music Together® is...

A community of families and friends, singing, laughing, and learning together.
The perfect place to imagine, improvise, express creativity, and relate to others through music.
A playful, inclusive family activity, fun for babies, toddlers, preschoolers

...and parents and caregivers too!

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"We have loved music together since my son was an infant. We will continue to come as long as we can, I think it’s been amazing for his development in general as well as his love of music. I love the bonding time, he loves the familiarity of the music, playing with instruments, having free rein to walk around in a safe space, and dance parties! We love everything about the classes!

2022/2023/2024 Mom


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Our Program

At Music Together Family & Friends we are proud to offer the internationally acclaimed early childhood music program Music Together.®  Since 1987, Music Together has introduced millions of children, parents, and teachers around the world to the benefits of community music-making. Since 1996 we've been here in Whitehouse Station, playing, singing and making music with families in Hunterdon County!

Our Educational Approach

Music Immersion

Since children learn by watching and listening, our approach is to immerse the children in a rich musical environment full of interesting sounds, movements, rhythms, meters, and tonalities. With various kinds of instruments to play, silly things to laugh at, and lots of different models to follow, children naturally learn how to make music. 



In Music Together® children get to respond in their own way and in their own time. There is no expectation to sit still, perform on cue or follow directions. The class environment we create is structured, but free. This creates the disposition to try new things and stimulates the learning cycle of play, discovery, practice and mastery.

Parent/Caregiver Model

A child's favorite and most influential model is an adult with whom they have a close bond- that's you! The parent-child musical interaction is key, and that is why it is called Music Together! You don't need music knowledge or skill, come prepared to be silly and have fun. ​ You'll discover new ways to play with music at home, and with the help of the songbook and recordings, support your child’s music-learning and overall development all week long.

In this podcast interview

with Director/Teacher Jenny Goings, you'll hear about early childhood music development

and personal stories of the power of music in our lives.

Music Together is a Music and Movement Program for Families with Children 0-5 and their favorite grown-ups... 

Our Babies Class is a Music Together class for parents with newborns up to 9 months.



Weekly classes for families with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in Whitehouse Station, NJ

serving northern Hunterdon County and surrounding communities

from Califon and Long Valley to the north, Washington, NJ in Warren County to the west,

 to Branchburg, NJ in Somerset County to the east.


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