Welcome, parents.

Before jumping in to the Music Together class below.  Please watch this short video first, to orient you to your role, and help your child get the most out of the experience.

Music Together was developed, over 30 years ago, and it was based on research which shows that children get their "disposition towards", or love of music, from the grownups they love.


And the best way for children to learn is by engaging in music with that special someone. So, think of the teacher as your guide while your little one engages with you.

Short class featuring songs from Family Favorites 1

Would you like to become a member?

Simply do the following: 
1. Email your name, address, phone, children's names and dates of birth to mail@musictogetherfamily.com

2. Send payment to paypal.me/MusicJenny or Venmo @Jenny-Goings and materials will be sent, delivered, or arrange for pickup in Clinton