Welcome, Prospective Music Together parent,

A pre-recorded "demo" class is lower on this page. Before watching, I recommend watching this short video first and reading the Q and A. These will orient you to your role, and help you get the most out of the experience.

Question: Why take a Music Together class online with your young child, especially when I am trying to limit screen time? 

Answer: Music Together was developed, over 30 years ago, and it was based on research which shows that children get their "disposition towards", or love of music, from the grownups they love.


And the best way for children to learn is by engaging in music with that special someone. So, in Music Together, your Music Together teacher is your guide, and you'll be the one stealing glances at the screen while your little one engages with you!


We will equip you in every way to create the kind of musical home life that will enrich your child's life. We are focused on supporting your child's music development and also many other skills important for life, and... for a good life ... one filled with fun, and deep, loving relationships.


We give parents tools to make raising your children easier, in a home filled with songs, laughter, hopping, spinning, and wiggling. Caution: Howling and making funny sounds will be involved. 

Check out a sample class experience with your child

Would you like to become a member?
Simply do the following: 
1. Send your name address and children's names and dates of birth, along with 
$160 per family, to 
Music Together Family & Friends
14 Hunts Mill Rd
Clinton, NJ 08809
Or send to paypal.me/MusicJenny
2.  Join the group on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2381347412169331/
and introduce your family to the class members.
3. Arrange for pick up in Whitehouse Sta or Clinton,  or we will mail the songbook/family materials ($8)
This membership gives your family access to our classes and inspiring new content each day, for one session or season. (10 weeks of classes, 15 weeks of access)