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Dr. Lili Levinowitz, Professor Emeritus from Rowan University, aka "Silly Lili from Philly" is a walking, singing and dancing encyclopedia of knowledge about the music development of infants and young children. Lili is the Director of Research and Coauthor of the Music Together program. We are honored to have Lili meet us from her living room to guide and teach parents about their babies and how to support their development. 


Our Rhythm Kids teacher, Amanda M, has 12 years experience as a certified elementary school teacher and many years under her belt as as a musical theater professional. Her a B.A. is in Theater/Speech and her Master's Degree is in Elementary Education. Amanda is a Certification Level 2 Music Together teacher and was one of the first teachers involved in piloting the Rhythm Kids program. She loves Rhythm Kids and can't wait to teach your kids!